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Customer Testimonials

I knew when I went to sell my car there was only one place to go, Texas I  can’t believe I got 8K for my car! They made this process so easy. It was on auto pilot.   --- Bill Davis, Dallas, TX

Buy My Ride. My brother-in-law had recently sold his car and was really happy with the outcome. I was surprised how fast the whole process actually took. I suspected that I would be out a whole day, what with the mechanics checking out the car and all, but I was in and out in half an hour. It was greatWhile we were going over the paper work, they checked out the car, Thomas was a great guy and he helped me get everything straightened away.

I actually plan on selling all of my cars to Texas Buy My Ride from now on. --Gene Birtch, From Dallas

Thank you, it took me 30 mins to close a deal. Fast … ---Jerrad  E. from Plano

 When you go to sell your car there are a ton of people out there they say they will "take care of you." Well they will make sure you come out with less than the car is worth, but I am not necessarily sure that is the best.

I have sold two cars in the past, and once I had sold them I learned that I actually could have gotten more. That's life right? Well, the second time I really did my research, I asked around and tried to find the best deal, and I thought that I really had found it too.

But I hadn't.

When i went to sell my next car, I really just contemplated trying to sell it myself, or to a family member or friend at a reduced Blue Book price. I mean after all if somebody was going to get a "good deal" then it should be somebody I know.

Then I saw some advertisement for www.TexasBuyMyride.com, they seemed different than the average "we'll buy your used car" offer. They seemed, well ethical.

I decided to drive by and see what they would offer, not intending to actually sell my car. When I pulled in to their lot, I was impressed by what I saw, then greeted me. I would like to say that I followed through with my plan, but Thomas offered me such a great price that I actually sold my car that day.

Since I didn't plan on selling I hadn't organized a ride home. It wasn't a problem. Thomas had to take care of somethings and offered to drive me home. All in all great experience, and this time I was the one that got the great deal!   ---Val Jarvis, Fort Worth, TX

When I decided to get a new car I didn't know what do with my current one. The dealer that I was going to by from wasn't offering me the price I wanted for trade in and my son wasn't going to turn 16 for three years. That either meant store the care in the barn that long, which wouldn't have done it any favors or sell it. Selling it seemed like the best bet. So we went used car selling.

I stopped at a couple of different lots that bought used cars, and did a little comparison pricing. A couple of them offered me less than $500 for my car. Others offered me more.

Then I went to Texas Buy My Ride. They not only blew all of the other offers out of the water, they blew me away as well. When I sold my car it was one of the easiest experiences that I have ever made. And it was cash in hand, it is safe to assume I was really happy when I got home.

I decided to put the money in a savings account for my son's first car. Thanks Texas Buy My Ride! -- Charles Toth, from Irving, TX

As a woman I was a little apprehensive about trying to sell my car myself. Since my husband has been stationed in Afghanistan I was expected to take over his role in the family as well. When I talked to him about upgrading the family car he was all for it. That meant that I needed to sell our old one.

Well, I bought the new car, and the old one sat in the driveway for a few months. When I would talk to him he would ask if I had sold it, had I found a buyer, the answer was always no.

The next time he and I talked he said that a friend of his wife had sold their car through www.TexasBuyMyride.com and that is was easy and hassle free.

I decided to give it a try and had a friend of mine drive with me over to their business. When we got out Thomas came out to greet us, he was friendly and I never once thought that he was going to rip me off. This isn't always the case in situations like this. When I decided to sell the car the paper work was fast, and I had the money in hand. Thomas paid cash, which is always nice.

When I talked to my husband the next time he was glad to hear that the car was sold, and even happier to hear how much we made. -- Diane Moreno, from Garland, TX

I love TexasBuyMyRide!  Easiest car deal I have ever done ---- Nadia Timms, Fort Worth, Tx

Everything went  good . Cash in no time. Unloaded a junk car --- Anthony from OakCliff, Tx

Excellent, Thanks ---- Thomas from Dallas

I got my first car when I turned sixteen. It was the growing moment in my teen years, and the first taste of freedom. When I graduated from college it was time to upgrade my transportation. And that meant parting with my baby. This was a car I had driven almost daily for the last six years, and it was a painful separation.

Texas Buy My Ride made the whole process easier through, and I was glad for the money I got for it. I actually made more than I was expecting from the sell. I had asked around and looked online and most of the places were offering less than a thousand for my make and model.

When I went to see them at Texas Buy My Ride they looked my car over. The first thing that Thomas noticed was how good of condition my car was in. It had been my baby and I treated it as such. That meant washing it frequently, storing it in my parent's garage etc.

My father is also a hobby mechanic so he made sure that it was always in good working order.

I was surprise when Thomas offered me close to $2000 for it. It seemed unreal, but when I was counting the money in my hand the realization took hold. This was for real and I could hardly believe it.

This was going to cover my new car payments for more than a couple of months! Thank you Thomas you are the best!

--Ashley Perez, from Mesquite, TX

I am so pleased with the level of customer service and assistance I received when going through this- - Betty L., Garland  

Dave was Fantastic! -----  Lyn , Crowley , Tx

Great help to me. I needed the money fast and I got it same day. ---- Jeffery in South Forth Worth

Exactly what I was looking to get for my car. Did not have to do a thing ----- Dominc ,  Lakeside, Tx

I’m very happy! Got money for a wrecked car parked in my drive -------   Trish, Lancaster

Better than CarMax!  ----  Ocvatious,  Arlington,TX

3K !!! I needed this -  Ayden, Crawford, Tx










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