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We buy all cars !

  • Damaged Cars.......Ok!
  • Wrecked Cars.......Ok!
  • Owe Money....Ok!
  • Motorcycle or ATV..Ok!
  • Any Year, Make, or Model Up to $85K!
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At TexasBuyMyRide, We can buy or sell your car for you, FAST, EASYand CONVIENANT!


We never waste your time, play games, or give you false promises!

The only thing we give you is CASH for Your CAR!


You may be asking yourself, How Fast? How Easy?

Our hope is that you leave us saying,“How Convenient!”



How Fast?


When we say FAST we mean FAST!

We truly understand that time is money, so we do everything in our power to get you CASH for Your Car, FAST!

We do not waste your time or make you jump through hoops like most local dealerships.

We are professionals that take pride in our work, and customer satisfaction.

We do our best to get you amazing offers within minutes for your used car, used truck, or used SUV!

Our competitive network of buyers are waiting for cars and willing to give you CASH.

You have nothing to lose and cold hard CASH to gain!

Call us now @ 469-333-2800



How Easy?


Easy is the best way to sell a car.

AtTexasBuyMyRidewe can easily buy or sell your car,

truck, SUV or van!

We dedicate our experience, knowledge, and connections to get you

multiple top dollar offers for your car.

Unfortunately, most people do not have access to our extensive networks of buyers,

but with our FREE service, you do! 

Take advantage of our vast network of buyers and choose from multiple offers TODAY!


Because multiple buyers make multiple offers for your car, the choice is yours!

The power to choose is in your hands!

You do not have to wash your car, clean it, list it in the paper, show the car to strangers, or any of that.

All you have to do is complete our easy 3-step process and you will soon have CASH in hand!


Here is how easy it is to get CASH for your car, CASH for your clunker, or CASH for your truck!


 1.  You fill out our online form for a quote.

2.  We contact you by e-mail and phone

  3.  If you accept our top dollar cash offer!

           We give you CASH for Cars in Dallas Texas!



Home of the 3-Steps to CASH for Your Car!

Call us now @ 469-333-2800



How Convenient!


Experience our 3-Steps to CASHfor Your Car™@ TexasBuyMyRide™!

Gain FREE Access to an extensive network of buyers, which give you multiple offers within minutes!

Avoid the hassle of detailing, cleaning, listing, and showing your car to strangers!

Do not waste time, effort, and more money on selling your car!

Let us buy that car from you and worry about it.


Get an offer 10% to 20% above what places like Carmax and other one-price dealers can offer!

They give you one-price! We give you multiple offers within minutes!

Enjoy the right to choose!

Choose wisely and always choose

TexasBuyMyRidethe #1 Used Car Buyer in Dallas Texas!

Call us now @ 469-333-2800

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